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Why so many technical problems?

Does AARP have a plan for fixing these issues? The technical glitches seem to be getting worse instead of better. Most videos and quizzes have points being delayed or not rewarded. It takes multiple clicks to play a video. The redesigned quizzes have incorrect answers from other quizzes. Are they short on IT staff? Are these glitches intentional to thwart members from earning points? I used to enjoy this site but wins are few and far between now. 

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The reformatted quizzes have been problematic with some not awarding points and some with delays in awarding the points.  I was hoping at the start of 2023 that these issues would have been fixed by now.  Personally, I prefer the original format of the quizzes and wonder why there was a change when there were no issues before.  Some of the reformatted quizzes have answers that don't coordinate with the questions which makes me wonder how that would even happen??   

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New crossword format for two of the daily games are not consistently giving points either. It's very frustrating. I don't really care for the new crossword format at all.

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Hello everyone 🤗. First I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. ( except the company ( we know who I'm talking about) that's screwing up the AARP REWARDS PROGRAM. I truly believe that they have new trainees running their IT department. I've completed quizzes and got a We're having Technical difficulties but check your Transaction history in a few minutes. When I check my Transaction history I see ( null ) for total points earned. The quizzes are not updated and yes this new quiz format is screwed up. Even though it doesn't matter if you get the answer wrong you still get your points. Sometimes the page has words on top of each other. I've received a couple of feedback invites but I didn't respond. You know they should hire some of us people with computer skills and I believe we could do a lot better. Let us work from home and get this program back on its feet. Otherwise we're going into a New Year with the same problems we have now. Changing the subject, does anyone know why everything seems to be based on California rules. I'm just saying. Have a great and blessed year 

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I too can't seem to get points for most of the quizzes I have done.  I must have done 12 and only got credit for 2.  Also had a hard time getting cresit for the videos.  When first starting things were better, not perfect but better.  The more I interacted on the site the worse it got.  I have taken screen shots saying I earned the points but hours later no points added and they are not in my transaction history.  The screenshots are for proof I did it.

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@CherylC64837 @JoLo49 

It's amazing that tech support, or IT department, or whatever it's called has no problems with  inserting an annoying AARP mastercard ad in front of every video, but they continue with the excuse of technical difficulties, or they need more time, and other lame excuses for the myriad of problems plaguing this program that they are so inept to fix. Hopefully things will improve in 2023. 


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Also, technical difficulties trying to play the Instant Wins.  I get the "error of technical difficulties" and then can't replay because I already played.  Doesn't seem fair not to at least get the "Sorry, you didn't win"!

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Have you found it much harder to win an Instant Win? I play daily and it's been months since I've won anything. I used to win at least once a month. AARP, is winner selection truly random? 

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I have only won twice, both a long time ago. So yes, hard to win the instant ones. 

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Amen! Always a mess. Including today. Geesh.

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The many problems with this Rewards Program will not be fixed by the very people that created them !

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And the promo codes ALWAYS give an error message now. 

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The weekly promo codes are giving error messages most of the time for me too. Initially, my first  thought was that I may have misspelled the code or inputted the wrong code, but realize the codes each week have been consistently giving the error message.  I am wondering why these technical issues are appearing now because there were no promo code issues at the start of the rewards program.  Seems we're going backwards.

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