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Why is tthe Awards site falling apart again???

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Why is tthe Awards site falling apart again???

Not receiving points for many items under the EARN ponits totals not displaying....transaction history always fails....I have tried to clear my cookies and cache to no availe....this is really disappointing.  Is there no one monitoring what is going on or am I the only one having issues?

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Hello Rewards Warriors


I want to agree with everyone on this thread.  The Rewards site is falling apart😢


With all employees working from home and many companies have employees working from home, this is overwhelming the residential internet networks.  This is why so many websites on the web are acting crazy and 😴.  Possibly the reason for website problems, my opinion.


I have had Transaction History problems since October (1) month after program started.  I win the award on Transaction History, black banner issues, constantly missing points for 1 or 2 videos regardless of the fact that I got message stating I earned 300 points😢  Four different forums, and management doesn't use them properly, Rewards Archive forum missing.


It's just not what it was hyped up to be😢  


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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My points did update this morning when I signed in but I have watched 2 videos and did not receive points for either.

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It is laborious to keep reloading videos before the points banner pops up.  I don't watch a video until it shows the 300 points rewards banner.  Also, in recent days (weeks?), I must refresh my account page at times before the video will show the rewards banner.  I use the chrome browser on a laptop.


The my account page can be found at: 


I have been staying signed on to the account page while completing videos.  When a video will not give me the banner after 2 attempts to bring it up, then I refresh my account page that I have open in another tab.  The third time, after going to the account page and reloading, the video will usually give me a points banner (sometimes I have to refresh the accounts page twice.)


The accounts page used to give me a running total of my AARP Rewards points.  It would give me a new, accurate point total for my account.  It was great.  But, now I must log off of my account page and log back into the the page to get a current rewards point balance.  Much more time consuming than before, actually.


I keep count with calculator on my computer, but, about half the time I will be off by 300 points before finishing watching videos.


There is a lot of work that could be done on the site instead of wasting time on an Extra Credit program.


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The problem was supposedly fixed 2 days ago but points for watching videos are not updating in real time.  If I log off and then log back in the points update (not in the black banner of course which has not updated in weeks). 

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I have been earning my points on the Earn exercises, except for one or two links that take me to places I don't expect and have no way of knowing how to earn points there. Maybe I just haven't dug deeply enough.

My Transaction History fell by the wayside long ago in my mind. My black banner still doesn't show anything but my savings on discounted cards I have bought. It does not show my points in the middle or right. It did once in a while early on, but that was unpredictable, and it hasn't shown any points in months.

I also still have to right-click links to get them to work in new tabs. If I do a regular click on a link, it logs me out. I can still go back to the screen where I clicked the link and right-click the link to preserve my login in a new tab. But, right-clicking is a must. That's the only way I can get things to work.


Wish us luck!

Stay well and enjoy!

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