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Videos Screwed Up AGAIN/STILL

Why can't you get the daily video to work correctly for earning points? For days now I get a message saying 1) no points because I already watched (I didn't) or 2) Sorry, no points. We are experiencing longer than expected delays in your points awarding. Please check in a couple of minutes.


I get #2 almost all the time. Eventually it will show as watched but I don't get the points. I did online chat and did everything suggested to no avail. Happens on phone, tablet, laptop.


There seems to be constant problems with the videos. Please get it fixed.



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Same here but what's really weird is that after the next, the previous showed up in transaction history; so almost like the rewards were stuck in a queue lol


That written, I so appreciate AARP and the videos available to me, with or without rewards.



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Clearly they don't care either. Videos are still not working correctly and I am losing points.

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