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Total number of entries to sweeps is 0

Why doesn't the total number of entries into a sweepstakes reflect the actual number entries a member has thus far into that sweeps? It always says zero though the text indicates that it should reflect the total number of entries to date for the given sweeps. I feel like my prior entries have been thrown out and I'm always at 5 or whatever number of entries I choose for that day. Is this the case and if so, why are points being deducted for those entries?


Is this system still in the Beta mode? When will silly bugs like this get resolved?


Thank you.

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Hello @BeachGirl23 

My black information banner and Transaction History stopped working in about a month after New program started😢

I created a spreadsheet of all my activities starting 9/25 the first day of AARP Rewards, due to the points problems with the R4G program.  

This is how I keep track and confirm my points with a workaround via Account.

I also created a Topic (Beta Testing Takes How Long?) and no Management responded.  The testing is taking longer than the normal length of time.  With all the hype about the new program, surprised it launched as Beta.


Have a Blessed Day



With all the hype about the new program, surprised it launched as Beta? You are very kind. I am surprised it is such an inferior program! LOL. And no improvement in sight.

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Hello @a170938b 

You're right, no improvements.  More confusion with splitting up the Community, creating problems instead of fixing them.


Have a Blessed Day


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