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Can't earn points through videos

I have all but given up wasting my time watching videos to obtain points. About 95% of the time, I do not get any points at all. I consider myself lucky if I get points for 1 video every 3 days. Here is a screen shot of the result I get: 



Is this being worked on?


I can get to the quizes by filtering my earn search for quizzes and these give points just fine. However the navigation is not friendly. Right now, I do the filter search for quizzes only, scroll down to a quiz I have not taken yet and take the quiz. After taking the quiz, I then have click on AARP Rewards, earn points, do the filter search for quizzes only, scroll down to a quiz I have not taken yet - well, you get the gist. My mouse is exhausted!!

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Hello @BeachGirl23 

After selecting Earn you can then hit Filter and select Type, then Videos, etc.

Select Sort By, then Point Value and list appears with (Daily,Monthly, Yearly).  Click arrow to watch after Points badge appears.  I skip the advertisements. Wait til you see Just Earned before continuing.  We still can't sort the list.

Members are suppose to be able to earn 7,950 pts. daily, there's a method and nobody who is getting them will post how.  I get around 7,800 daily.  Hope this helps as an alternative.


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Hi BG,


Here's how i do it every day


click earn

That should automatically take you to video and quiz (Yearly Monthly Weekly)

Right-click where it says video, it will say open link in a new tab (In essence you could do multiple videos at once) but just start with one till you gather experience 

Open the new tab

Play the video, usually, an advert will play

After the advert finishes make sure the video is playing

When the video finishes you will get a popup saying you just scored 300 points!

You can easily earn 7,500 points a day


Now, initially, I had trouble with the daily videos, so I rang up AARP and told them of my plight and within two days they had sorted it out for me


I'm sure you are more than competent with loading the videos but a new angle might help out.

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Thank you, Brian. Following your instructions, I was just able to get points for 3 videos in a row. This is a record for me! I'm not sure why this works but I'll take it. I see more points in my future!


Thank you for taking the time to respond. 

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Your'e welcome Ma'am.

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