Suggestion: Let Bonus Bundle points not count toward daily max

Hello Rewards managers,


In the "Discover" section of the Rewards, there is a Bonus Bundle, typically 3 activities that grant bonus points if all are completed within a given time.


SInce these are "Bonus" points, I suggest they get treated like the Promo code points, i.e. added independently of the maximum.


Currently, they count toward the daily max, and will not be granted if the max was already reached. They're not lost, though, one can request them the following day (presumably, if the time limit hasn't been reached).


Looking forward to your opinion on this.




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@ralmon & @Brightpool 

Ray & Lynn,

First time I completed the Bonus Bundle I was expecting extra points instead of points allowing you to miss taking a quiz.  it's not a bonus, didn't think posting would get any results.


Have a Blessed Day


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I agree.

Bonus means an added dividend beyond the usual. A bonus at work is a sum beyond the usual salary. A bonus dividend on stocks is one given beyond the usual 2 or 3 percent quarterly dividend and might even be distributed separately from the standard dividend. Our daily points limit constitutes the usual and anything offered with the word bonus should be on top of and regardless of that.


Exercise equivalent of the current situation:
After my 5 minutes on the treadmill to get my heart rate up, I'll do sets of 10 repetitions on each of the exercise stations, but the second 5 repetitions in each set will be bonus, today, instead of just the usual 10 repetitions per set that I normally do.



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