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Re: April Extra Credit Rewards

Extra Credit Lessons and rewards for April are up. Apologies for the delay. They include lessons on Fitness, Fraud and a celebration of our 1-year anniversary of Extra Credit. Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for posting. However I find this month Extra Credit rewards very unrewarding. May I suggest something more useful in the future for the point only rewards? Amazon, Walmart (Sam's Club), Target for instance; they are all redeemable online which is not the case of the grocery stores' gift cards in general and are pretty universal. Barnes and Noble would be great as well. Starbucks used to be great in the Rewards for Good program because we would get the physical card; I loved to give one as a thank you for a small favor; same with Dunkin Donuts; useless to me now that they are e-cards. Thank you for considering my suggestions.

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@a170938b   Good point about the plastic cards being good as gifts.   Last one I gifted was a Starbucks $25 (those were the days!)   It has also occurred to me that the situation with the same person or bot winning so many of the daily contests would not be occurring with plastic cards.   Those had to be mailed to a real address, not to one of dozens/hundreds email addresses an entity could set up. I understand emailing the cards saves a lot of money but it's not nearly as nice.  I also hate not carrying them around like I used to.   

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Why isn’t there anything good if it’s been a year of extra credit? 

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Thank you @RewardsRobb!

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