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No points for videos

Points are not being rewarded for watching videos. Is it just me?

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Thanks for the reply, and also to others who gave feedback.


At the risk of boring anyone reading, this problem started about 3 days back, and I tried various strategies, logging off, 2nd chance, ad infinitum.  Probably 6-10 efforts were wasted.  This afternoon, lo and behold, 1 of the videos registered points, so I tried another, and nothing.


So we'll keep plugging away, and see what evolves early into the week.  If I run out of quizzes and the like to rack up points, so be it, but I'm hoping this gets back on track to have the option of point earning.


I'll add this in case it helps anyone experiencing any degree of a similar problem.  When a video is new, sometimes it doesn't work immediately, so if you employ one that's been up and running for a while, and this problem occurs, we have something in common.


If you are not having ny problem with getting points for videos, rock on.

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