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Just curious why you didn't include in this thread the link for Weekly News Quiz? You've always posted it on Fridays... Missed it being there 


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Why would this be in the "Rewards" Video?  I don't think there is any clear answer yet in even asking.

Sorry, AARP - I don't agree with this.  The video states "it's personal" - then the return answer could just as well be - as I found out (see below) - It's Personal, so none of your business".

So What Is Wrong With People Sharing Their Vaccina... - AARP Online Community


In my state, we have tried EVERYTHING and still people are finding excuses to not get vaccinated.  This is no longer about access - at least in my state.   Perhaps now it is time to do a little shaming - or some public notices stating the obvious - "Don't Ask, don't Tell".  More and more employers are trying to initiate mandatory vaccination by saying "NO JAB, NO JOB".  I agree with this especially if they are having personal contact - restaurant workers, health care providers, bank employees, to name a few. 

KHN: 06/18/2021 - The Hard Realities of a ‘No Jab, No Job’ Mandate for Health Care Workers 


Course, even if you ask nicely, sweetly with no judgement attached, it could still resort to something horrible.

AJC 06/21/2021 - Grocery store cashier killed by asking patron to wear a mask 


We have NO clear direction on what to ask, when or where or what to require - it is a free-for-all.




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