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New Earn Activities - 3/27/2020

We added the following two activities for earning.  


5 tips for success with Daymond John


Weekly News Quiz - 3/26/2020


Happy learning and earning!

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The link for Daymond worked, today, but the other one for the weekly quiz didn't.
I copied the URL and put it into a fresh tab and then it worked and I was able to take the quiz.




P.S. When I tried clicking the link for the quiz, I got a banner that said, "Authentication Failed. Authentication Ticket Mismatched, failed authentication."

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I took the 3/26/20 Weekly news quiz twice on 3/26 but didn't get points either time. This has happened to me before. I just waited until 3/27/20, took the quiz for the third time and got the 450 points. Not sure why this happens, but don't give up.

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@racewalkmary The weekly news quiz may have been in the process of getting badged when you took it the first two times. Make sure to note whether the AARP Rewards badge is visible in the top left corner. Glad it worked out in the end for you! 

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Thanks for the quick response. I do always check to see if the red circle with the points is displayed. Sometimes I don't remember if I have already watched that video or taken that quiz, so usually if I have, there are no points listed. For the weekly quiz, even though the 450 points are showing, I don't take it any more until the second day because I never get points the first day. 

That has also happened to me on several of the videos. It will show the possible points to be earned but I never receive any even if I watch the video on another day. For example, the 3 Golden Rules from Denise Austin. Have watched 4-5 times but never received any points. The same with "Which tax bracket are you in" Never any points even though it shows it's worth 300 points. Even if it's a daily activity, I just don't watch those videos. If monthly activity, I will try again in April, but some activities never seem to give points. There are plenty of other videos to watch, but was curious why it shows it's worth points, but it really isn't?

With the Stay-at-Home rules, I have enjoyed even more these activities. Thanks for keeping them going. I appreciate it.

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