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July Extra Credits equals extra problems

I suppose we can't expect things to get any better. Extra Credits to earn points is so unnecessary. Most of the time you are asked to complete activities you have already done (Newsletters for example). You should not be forced to complete an activity to earn points that you object too. To make matters worse when you are instructed to complete another activity (July Extra Credits) the system fails again.

So disappointing 😞 😞

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I was just coming on the board to bring up the same issue @rednexsrus 


First, I was all excited to enter the Dominos Daily Deal contest for 8 points, lol.  NOT!   It was an extra credit deal it said.  Okay, I did the activities and found it was for $8.    Not a good deal at all.


Then I went back and attempted to do the first set.   As you mentioned the newsletter subscription doesn't register.    So there is no way to open that set.   

I did like the $20 TJ Maxx/Marshall's etc card and got that one.   

As mentioned there are a lot of dead links in the extra credit section this month.


Admins, can you pass along these bugs to be fixed please?



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@rednexrus @HokiePoq  We are aware of the technical glitch and apologize for the inconvenience. We have a team investigating a fix now, but in the meantime here's how to complete the activity if you're already subscribed. 

  1. Go to My Account --> Newsletters and unsubscribe from the newsletter
  2. Go back to Extra Credit and and re-subscribe when you reach the newsletter page 
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