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Can anyone explain to me why some low level idiot in management decided to reverse the data in the black banner.
Points on the right and savings on the left, has always been the norm.
What could possible justify such a stupid change, after all this time (since the start of this new rewards program) We have too many broken things that need fixing, don't waste time screwing with the few things that work.
Why could they not spend their time fixing the broken catalog filters or work on the video problems everyone is experiencing.
This exemplifies what the members in this forum have been desperately trying to get across to management. We want and need someone to wake up and get this program functioning as it was originally intended. Voicing our suggestions and concerns with upper management should be a priority with the community managers as well as providing us some feedback.

Their actions and response is sorely needed in order to bring about positive change.
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Hello Lucy,


This is an indication that things are being done differently for members in different parts of the country.  My points have always been on the left in the black banner from the R4G program and the beginning of the new Rewards program.  I'd be frustrated if  it changed too.  Maybe this is to get everyone on the same page with a banner that is seen by the majority of the members.


Definitely right about fixing major issues with catalog filters and should work on adding several points only deals ($15+) daily to use points instead of them just expiring.


Reward Program should be listed in the Scams section with a warning informing members of the things to beware of as a paying member.


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I went from not being able to view new videos to not being able to earn points for

any videos and now I can't earn points for quizzes or videos. Granted the "rewards"

have gone from useful to absurd (coloring pages?) So I guess the purpose was to

get rid of as many participants as possible--well you've gotten rid of one more.

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On-going changes to the site gives AARP management job security.   The video issues have lasted much too long.

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