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Frustrated with point issues

I have been reading the board and seeing these issues but no real resolution.  The badge says 300 pts - I get 100 when I do it.  The badge says 300 pts every day - get nothing on the second day or get 100 pts.  Been happening all week with the meditation.  I play at least 2 of the rewards crosswords daily... some days I get point some days none.  I play fill in and code word for the 50 pts and never get them.  Don't get me wrong I play cause I like them.  I play Mahjong, cards, blocks and others but it is frustrating when you expect to get points and don't!


Let's talk about real frustrating....when do you actually post the points only cards, cause all I ever have seen are "SOLD OUT" what a waste of my time this whole gig is getting to be.


I have gotten one card $5 for DD - Not worth my time and effort.  Need to find another game board especially if I want my BP to get lower and not raise!!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to see your frustration here!  I have reviewed your activity and the points all show 300 for the videos and crossword puzzles for the past few days and nothing that shows 100 points for these?  I am happy to help further if this happens please let us know.  There are three puzzles/games you can do daily for points:  Daily Crossword, Daily Mini Crossword and the Let's Crossword.  

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