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Since the BETA TAG has been removed from my AARP Rewards opening page, 😀 I can only assume that our tech support team thinks they now have everything under control and have brought us into the light.🙄 Not sure if the tag has been removed from the page of any other members.🤞🤞

I have also noticed on the EARN page that the SeeMore tag (I hated that tag 😫 Grrrr) at the bottom of the pages have been replaced by a much appreciated numbered page advance method.😀 Also of note it seems that for some odd reason I believe the number of Quizzes available have been reduced to only about 156, (7 pages) while maybe the videos at 335 (17 pages) are about the same.

The "read more" "read less" tag when trying to read a reply in the thread is still opening and closing on it's own without any user input.😡  (Arrghhh ) Very Annoying as is the small red "feedback" tag that continues to get in the way when typing or trying to read someone's reply.   😡

Just Saying. Hey !  I like emoji;s 

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