First few videos not awarding points

Lately, the first four-five videos come up at the end saying "You just missed earning points".  After that it awards points without any issues.


I've tried different videos in the beginning, but it still works the same.


Anybody else seeing this?


The way I view the videos is to rt click on the video and open it in a new window.  If it didn't work, I just went on to the next one, and so on, but it might take about four videos before I got one to work.  Never went back in the same session to retry one.  So the next time I watched the first and noticed that he rewards points weren't showing, so I paused it, closed the window and then reopened the same video again, in a new window and it worked, and so did the rest of the videos.  


Thanks for your help.

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Community Manager

@RussellP197074 , @mi4090  @andrewtoo   We are happy to report this issue has been resolved.

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My 1st (2) videos are now freezing.



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Russell, when the Just Missed banner appears I close it and wait for the points badge with amount earned to appear and hit button 2  watch.

I too have to refresh the first & sometimes 2nd videos to get points.

On my browsers a black banner appears at bottom and I scroll to see points badge on phone.  Video #3 is OK.


Have a Blessed Day


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Every day I have to reload the first video that I attempt (sometimes more than once) until the red message "AARP Rewards: Why it matters" displays.  Also, the 300 point AARP Reward circular button appears behind the message. Even if it displays the message on the first try, I still reload the first video and check make sure that I got points for it after completion.  


Of course, it may be different for each user/browser/astrological sign/etc.


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