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Extra Credit - APRIL

am I dreaming ?! big shout out to AARPTeri and the team - I was able to complete the activities and score the coveted Amazon card.  We're quick to criticize and I'm glad someone took our complaints to heart.  THANK YOU ! and esp a big THANK YOU for making the amazon card "Members Only" 😍

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Yes, thank you AARP for the great performance improvements for the extra credit activities this month.


Keep up the good work! 😀

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I don’t profess to know what gives with the folks running this sham program.

I logged in at 11:38pm CST and the APRIL CREDIT REWARDS was already live.

That is very strange to say the least because it was not yet APRIL 1, 2023.

Just like RcD316530 I was able to complete all extra credits without any problems or glitches. AMAZING and very unusual with xtra credits.

My concern is the $5.00 Amazon extra credit gift card was OUT OF STOCK before April 1st, 2023.

I don’t know what time zone RcD316530 resides in but this member won the APRIL Amazon extra credit reward 3/31/2023 at 11:50 pm. (Post time stamp) That’s a full 10 minutes before the official April 2023 start ??????

At 11:45 pm 3/31/2023 the Amazon card was OUT OF STOCK

How can a reward gift card be out of stock before the start of the activity????



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Hi, Bill. My reset began at 10PM MDT. Every day, even with the time change, the new day reset is always at 10PM (my time). Either way, I literally made my last sweeps entry (Amazon) at 9:58PM (because I almost forgot to do it), and the April reset had not taken place yet. Thus (although I am confused by your post a bit), I do know that the reset was exactly at 10PM (my time), and for me, it did not reset earlier than usual. I had no issue(s), as well. Yes, it is very confusing trying to keep Eastern time with everything, as I usually timestamp within my posts, such as it's 3/31/2023 for me, but it's technically 4/01/2023. I, do, of course, think the selling out of the Amazon GC was the fastest I've seen. As a member, I would be furious to have missed it. Per my time, it sold out before 11PM, 03312023.


Also, in retrospect, I was rather shocked that a 2nd Amazon GC was never issued in the month of March (2023) -- they usually do a 2nd release (perhaps just in case someone missed out on the March 1st Amazon GC for 5.00). /✍️  Take care.

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I wonder if there wasn't a second Amazon GC in March because they started the Amazon Instant Win towards the end of the month.

I haven't been a member of this rewards program for long, but when I first joined I didn't realize it was based on EST so it took me a while to figure out that the new rewards at the beginning of the month show up at 11pm for me, since I am CST.

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That’s me Renate, call me stupid but I just realized that I could have played starting at 11 PM CST and did not have to wait until after midnight. Of course most of the preferred gift cards were SOLD OUT by then. Oh Well

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The extra credit rewards program is biased in favor of the west coast. It starts at 12am EST which is 9pm PST, the day before, 

I received the email with the Amazon gift card at 11:08pm CST but I had to wake up at 11pm to obtain it. And yes, the Amazon gift card was sold out in less than an hour.

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pls correct me if I;m wrong because I'm unsure of who observes daylight savings time and when the clock switches .... the day starts at 9pm PDT for me, which I think is 11pm CDT ??  I think I redeemed about a half hour later or 9:30pm PDT ....   KellytheBelly reported the Amazon card was gone within the hour or 10pm PDT.  Does this help ??

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