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Daily Crossword puzzle with errant top score?

My top score has been 1,890 for months and my score today was 1,850 (maximum available). I see 2,550 for a top score. How is that possible?


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We have a similar thread in the games community, but I also included the answer here!  Here is how it is possible 🙂


Daily Crossword scoring is calculated at the end of a game with this formula:

  • Player gets 10 points for every cell that was completed without help.
  • Bigger puzzles will have a higher total achievable score
  • If another player has a bigger or smaller score for the same date on the leaderboard, that means they played a puzzle for the different date (i.e., not today’s) – since there are 14 puzzles available to play every day and each will have a different total achievable score based on number of cells.

Completed without help is defined as:

  • Cell filled in correctly without using the Reveal function
  • If the player has Show Errors turned on in the puzzle’s menu, then completed without help means the cell has never shown a red, incorrect letter.