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I have been watching the comments posted in the main categories of this forum,
Activities, Redemption, and General for some time and could not help but notice a
significant decline in the number of post over the last few months.

Without a doubt we can always depend on @andrewtoo and @mi4090 to keep us informed on the latest promo codes. The community managers are certainly going to keep us abreast of
maintenance schedules, promises of better and exciting rewards AND of course new
activities to earn more reward points when they know there is very little in the catalog to
redeem them for.
Today is Tuesday 8/17/21 and since Sunday there has probably been less than 10 new
post. The only one of note has been the video problem which by the way, they just can’t
get it right. The rewards filter is such a mess now with the only points only gift card stuck
at the very bottom of the catalog, happy scrolling
Regrettably I have come to the conclusion that many members are losing interest and
have become so frustrated that their suggestions have been ignored, and with all the never ending difficulties and headaches with this program that they have just about given up.
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I Ditto your thoughts and @MemberS2006 


Sad😟 to say there just doesn't seem to be much really worth posting about in Rewards forums 

Also I too no longer max out on points... no real reason or incentives to do all that anymore

I checkin everyday see what's offered each day... try for 'Instant wins' can use although its been forever since won 😞 I do my daily games play every day and weekly quiz and some that are in emails

I haven't even redeemed any points only last 2 months so no longer issue can only have 3 

Its not just because of one issue/reason its a combination of many throughout the new Rewards program that just no longer provides what it did for so many years when I spent my day here 

Also I don't blame AARP as stated by y'all its the same with other rewards programs... 🤔sign of the times??? 

Its just all different for me.... program changed alot and in time I adapted to changes therefore no longer as important part of my day anymore  

"Program of inconsistency breeds inconsistent activity by members"

Enjoy your day! 

Ginger  ;  )


I still read occasionally but there really isn't much to post about in the rewards forum area.I use to earn the maximum amount of points daily even if there wasn't many/any things to redeem for but I have stopped that since points will be removed after a certain period of time.

While I understand that companies don't promote as much as in the past and some companies are totally gone now. I feel its unfair to lose points when they aren't used in a certain amount of time when there is nothing to use them on.All reward programs I use seems to be facing the same issue.Fewer and fewer rewards as time goes by but so far I am not losing credits for what I have earned.I am not into sweepstakes much and no way I will earn 7500 points daily just to enter sweepstakes.Just to much time spent for nothing.I do try daily for the Instant Wins if its a card I can use.Many of the offers are not valid in my area.I don't fault AARP because its happening almost everywhere.Sadly so many things that could be taken for granted are now disappearing.

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