Curious if we all see the same Rewards offers

Hi all,

I was wondering if there are differing reward sets presented to the members. This is what I see today - 46 offers, mostly gift cards. The order may be different in each browser session:


50 Points Daily Instant Win$5 Amazon Gift Card*
50 Points SweepstakesDSLR Camera
250 Points Weekly Instant WinPut the pedal to the metal*
50 Points SweepstakesTour your own town*
15,000 Points $15 ValueWater bottle
$45 $50 ValueRed Robin
$46 $50 ValueGame Stop
$9 $10 ValueKripy Kreme
$23 $25 ValueLogan's Roadhouse
$270 $300 ValueOne-night Bed and Breakfast stay for two
65,000 Points $50 ValuePill-box
30,000 Points $35 ValuePhotobook
$23 $25 ValueBath & Body Works
$90 $100 ValueExpress
$90 $100 ValueFoot Locker
$270 $300 ValueTake a mini vacation
$45 $50 ValueSephora
$45 $50 ValueBass Pro Shop
$45 $50 ValuePF Changs
$90 $100 ValueBanana Republic
$90 $100 ValueActive experience of your choice
$23 $25 ValueOn the Border
$180 $200 ValueChoose an adventure
$45 $50 ValueBloomin's Brands
$23 $25 ValueGhirardelli
$23 $25 ValueCracker Barrel
55,000 Points $38 ValueGolf Balls
$90 $100 ValueBelk
$46 $50 ValueFamous Footwear
$23 $25 ValueUlta
35,000 Points $25 ValueYoga Mat
$23 $25 ValueTexas Roadhouse
$45 $50 ValueJC Penney
$44 $50 ValueUno
$45 $50 ValuePetco
$47 $50 ValueSouthwest Airline
$450 $500 ValueOne-night, 4-star hotel stay for 2
$23 $25 ValueOn the Border
$24 $25 ValueLowes
$45 $50 ValueAthleta
50 Points SweepstakesCreate a big night in*
50 Points SweepstakesGet home for the holidays*
$45 $50 ValueOn the Border
50 Points SweepstakesEnjoy the ride*
$180 $200 ValueGolf tee time for two
$360 $400 ValueOne-night, 3-star hotel stay for 4




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Hi Ray , same here....Everyday is the same story , same water bottle, same pill-box, same photobook, same golf balls etc.etc....Nothing new or interesting for points only redemptions...Let's hope that something nice will come available for the next holidays !!!!!

Two months in the new program , lot points accumulated.....Nothing to go for it except few sweepstakes and the daily instant win....

One good note to share is that i actually won a $15 Uber card on the daily instant win few days ago..

Have a good week everybody.....




I just joined yesterday, and that's the same list I'm being shown.


How long have you all been participating in AARP Rewards? What's the best way to "play"?


Looking forward to connecting with you,



Hi @SandraH637128 


Welcome to our little club of beta testers.


This new version of the AARP Rewards still has some kinks being ironed out. There are mixed feelings about the Rewards themselves, as well as the usability of how the Rewards program is being presented.


Hopefully, once the presentation becomes stable, there will be more focus on higher value Rewards. My fingers are crossed for a reintroduction of auctions (hint hint, AARP).


Best way to play? Not one single answer to that, I'm afraid. Every person tends to find a way that suits them best. Some folks use multiple devices, whereas I just use the Chrome browser on a laptop.


What works for me is to run 23 videos (300 pts each) and do 2 quizzes (450 pts each). There are more than 23 videos with less than 2 mins length. You could use that to minimize the daily time if point accumulation is the primary goal.


Some people have had trouble getting points for some videos, or even any points at all on some days. Those are the growing pains of the new Rewards program.


Experiment a little with the activities, and even which browser might work better for you. There are actually some interesting little videos and quizzes, so put some dark metal on the stereo, enjoy the journey.


And always feel free to join us in our circle of pain, whining, and cursing 😋.




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Hello @SandraH637128 & @valeriov52121 

Sandra welcome to the Community😊.   I joined in 2015, won every little in old program but there are some Sweeps you may want to enter after building up your points. 

You can enter the Daily & Wkly Instant Wins for free via Official Rules.


Valeriov, Congrats on your $15 Uber win. I also won the daily Uber & weekly Michael's via free methods.


Have a Blessed Day


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Ray, that's what I'm seeing.


Have a Blessed Day



@k380494p @mi4090 


Thanks for checking, y'all - Have a rockin' afternoon.

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@ralmon   Hi Ray, Yes I am seeing all the same ones you mentioned.

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