12-10-...experiencing a delay in awarding points...

12-10  Early a.m. hours earning 'points/ videos' was working for a small bit then...


"You just scored with AARP Rewards, but we need extra time

We are experiencing a delay in awarding your points. Please check your transaction history in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience." = seeing this continuously 😖 


But with 'no points counted, no transaction history recorded'  😠 After first posting this in forum - suddenly it starts working again. Confounded I delete the first posting. 'Earning videos/ points' worked for a while, then again - 'point-less-ness.''  I stop, and get some 'short sleep'


Back now, same 'point-less-ness' 😵


😡   So if you're experiencing this too - it's a problem with them/ AARP,... not you.


Also seeing this a lot:


When trying to play 'Staying Sharp ' videos and play 'Daily and Mini Crossword Puzzles - for Points' I see the following....


"You've come to the right place, but there may be an issue displaying this page. Please try logging out and logging back in" = perpetual frustration 😡 doesn't work.


With 'Redemptions/ Entries' and other activities --->  


"We are currently experiencing technical difficulties in processing your request. Please retry in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience."  😵


Back again - 2:00 pm ish - 14 hours and still not working 😪



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Lots of problems with the website today, redemptions and earn activities both. The site is getting worse all the time. What is their problem? Maybe they need a new server?


You may be right. Their system is very unstable and I wonder if they have a connectivity issue.


The past few days, it has been very difficult to stay logged in. The system kicks you out even you are watching a video now and then. After that, one might not be able to log in again for a long time; like now for me (and one can be logged in in the community and not in the games and/ or in the main program; such is this tremendous website!)

The other errors you mentionned are there as well for me.

I used to use the website during the night, useful and practical for me between 2 and 6AM, but now it's practically unusable during the night and not than much better during the day.

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You would think AARP would/could have a better website. Always have problems. Today I cannot enter the sweepstakes or run the videos. Very frustrating.

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