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Does this site EVER work properly???

Every single day...  pages wont load, points aren't rewarded after spending countless minutes watching all of them.   When will this end??  I like coming here and getting the points etc.  But all the time I've been wasting waiting for pages to load, quizzes that dont reward points, errors every other minute.... is getting just ridicuolous


I too have received next to no points for all the videos I have watched today.  It usually says no points, but even when it says I scored points it doesn't give them to me.  I still shows I haven't watched that video.


Maybe all these problems are just a coverup.  I have received a gift card that had already been used before it was even sent to me.  My husband had the same thing happen.  And according to posts here on the forum many others have had the same thing happen.


I have no confidence that our information here is safe with all these technical issues that never seem to be solved.   


Around 9 pm last night I was able to get my remaining points.  But this morining I am back to having the same problems as yesterday.  I usually get the Sorry No Points this time. I get the box saying they are experiencing technical difficulties.


I have done a couple of Staying Sharp videos and they say I got the points but they need more time to post them.  A ouple hours later and still no points and the badge shows that I haven't watch that video.


I am using Chrome like they ask.  But it seems to have more problems than any other browser.

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Hi shamit

Did you notice my post in General about the Chrome Browser ??

Same trouble here with the chrome browser. Regardless of what the Moderators say I use Firefox a lot more than chrome and with less problems.Safari has gotten some better in this program over the last few months. I am sure all the problems we are experiencing is due to a lack of skill by this support team on how a web based rewards program is suppose to work and they have not a clue on how to fix it. 

just saying 

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Same here except I also have ZERO (0) points earned when I should have over 54,000. So far no points earned again. I think I will take a break

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I agree!!! Today has been the worst! I started trying to earn points at 7 this morning. It took until 12:30 to finally earn 7,500 points. I’m really tired of seeing “Sorry, no points.”

Now the “Sweeps & Instant Wins” isn’t functioning because of “technical difficulties.”

I do not need this frustration in my life. 

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I major reduced my activity not long after change to New Rewards program but seriously I agree with you... no one needs these headaches... Stress & Frustration... Life is far too precious & is to be enjoyed 

I've always felt blessed to have found AARP Community and will remain a AARP member But think its time to entirely remove Rewards program from my everyday life... just not worth stress for $5 gift card each month

Take care everyone Hope all have a Beautiful & Wonderful Christmas🎄 & Loads of blessings in the  New Year 🎆

Ginger  ;  )

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