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What do you love about Florida?

Are you a Disney fan? Or do you prefer the latin culture of Miami? Or the beaches? Or something else? Let us know your go-to spots, and share any photos you have.


Looking to plan a Florida getaway? Here are some ideas:

St. Petersburg


Places for nature lovers

Lesser-known places

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Marathon, in the Keys. Turtle Hospital 


For me, I love not living there anymore, after 22 years in the panhandle.  Nothing against others who love it.

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The perfect weather from late September through April! The beaches!  The small reinvoragted towns, such as Winter Haven!  The inexpensive higher education system!


It’s close to the U.S., and they accept dollars


I lived there as a little girl.  I remember it was very hot and had lots of hurricanes and tornadoes, frightening prospects. Where did we go?  Our hallway.

The  bugs were so numerous, my Mom was always making sure there was nothing in empty boxes, a haven for spiders, centipedes and scorpions. I hate spiders to this day.

Another thing which was etched in my brain was fire ants.  My brother loved to take me riding in our red wagon.  One day, he was pulling so fast, it tipped over and I landed on an ant hill, yes, you guessed it, fire ants.  They swarmed into the red wagon and I did not know what was really happening till they began biting me.  By then, I was covered in them.  I ran screaming home and Mom plunged me into the water to get them off, boy, were they trying to get out of the water.  My brother came in and I felt so sorry for him.

One thing I did like about Florida was basking in the sun!  I would go out into the ditch from 6am till 12, and felt I was on top of the world.  It was so warm.

Would I live there now?  No, Hurricanes are more ferocious now. Plus, there are more snakes than I care to know, deadly ones. Plus, fire ants are everywhere there, they love tunneling.

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So...where do you live now?

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I was only in 

Florida once.  It was so hot I could barely breath and I was eaten alive by bugs.  No thanks.  I'll stay in the snow belt thank you.


Love the Destin-Navarre Beach area and bust there almost every other month. However. the area has become so commercial. especially the Destin area, that I am now looking for other places to go. There is no middle income housing available without paying an arm and a leg for the salaries being paid. It's a shame because the beaches are beautiful.


We live in a fantastic 55+ community right on the intercoastal, across the street from the Ocean in Beverly Beach FL....this is three miles north of the Flagler Beach Pier, about 30 min S of S. Augustine.  My favorite things is that the building is limited, zoning does not allow any hotels or commercial busines on the Ocean side, so it is very quaint.  Highly reccomend!

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Weekly sales on bagles and lox at the Publix!

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After a few days there, I really love the exit.

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Babcock Ranch, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and Naples Botanical Garden.


The weather, the atmosphere, the entertainment, and families get together.


Perdido Key has been are go to spot last spring and this fall.  Slower pace than Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  Close enough to State parks, restaurants and Pensacola for its activity

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