Possible public trips to space could be in the works someday

Well, someday, there could be a chance that we could be going to space or maybe when our grandchildren may get to go when they get to be our age.  The astronauts now have to undergo training to handle people with disabilites and the space centers on earth now have to undergo modifications to get seniors and handicapped people into either the space shuttles or the capsules.  I think the astronauts may be working on plans right now for if someday we get the chance to go up.  I sure would love to go to space.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Wow, @PatrickR720159, that would be thrilling beyond compare. You're brave to want to travel into space. (Based on my experience with having MRIs, I think I would be overcome by claustrophobia.) Wonder what type of training a citizen would have to undergo. Imagine the preparation would be intensive, like preparing for an Everest climb.

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