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National Parks Are Reopening, but Should You Go?

National Parks are reopening, but should you go? Find out what to know about visiting them during the coronavirus outbreak. (More...)


Which park would you like to visit?

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(1) It costs to go in.

(2) There are too many *other people*.

(3) You can get away to a better place for free.


Dispersed campsites and BLM land. Granted, they may be in the desert, but the desert is beautiful...and free. Take what you need, leave nothing behind. Some National *Forest* campsites may be opening, too, and many roadside campgrounds are also free.

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Many of them would have to many necessary safety restrictions to make the trip worth while. At our age I would no consider anything like a State or National Parks! 

The good news is that we got back from Scottsdale,  Az on March 9th. Lots of sightseeing.

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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