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My husband and I are seniors - aged 68 and 63. I have multiple health issues (previous heart attack, diabetes, asthma) and my husband has asthma and past lung issues. We have been pretty much housebound from the beginning of the pandemic. When we do go out it is just to ride in a car and sometimes pick up curbside items (take out, grocery). We see no one otherwise. We live in a very small far upstate New York State rural village. Now New York State has entered Phase 3. Some of our little coffee shops and restaurants are opening with limited seating. Things are coming alive again, but we remain afraid to go out. We have even postponed all our dr. appointments (check ups).  I probably know what the answer should be but I am still wondering. Should seniors such as ourselves, with our health issue continue to just shelter in place? It is hard to see life coming back and not be able to join in but we want to do the safe thing. Is it only when there is a vaccine that we should be going out?

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I have Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis(chronic dilation of the lungs)  and just learned I have non-contagious TB. I had pneumonia from Dec until March. I go see my lung Dr. and talk to my others on the phone. I went to the Hosp for blood work, but I am going to the Orthopedic Surgeon Monday for a shot in my shoulder. 

When I go if there are many in the waiting room I plan on going out to the hall to wait. I had to cancel surgery on my foot due to my lung problems before the virus. 

I only go out in my yard to work on my gardens. I am going to a garage sale next Sat. dropping a lot of my stuff off and coming home.

During all this, I wear a mask and wash my hands when I get in and out of my car also when I get home. 

My husband had open-heart surgery a few years back, he still works PT so he does all the shopping and washes his hands a lot.

I see my GDD but with a mask outside, and can't pick up my GR GDD who just turned 1 and I missed her Birthday Party. 

So I think right now it's a personal choice, but for me, I am staying away from people as much as I can.  If for any reason I am around people I wear a mask, and probably will for quite a while. 

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Community Manager

Hi @lt1516! This article has been helpful to understand what to do as things open back up. Additionally, the CDC has been providing guidance on what to consider as things open, and that can be found here.


I hope you find these resources helpful. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions.



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