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Home ear irrigation: Is it really more harmful than good or is it really good?


Home ear irrigation: Is it really more harmful than good or is it really good?

I have seen ads of this earwash machine and it pumps water thru a hose like a water pick machine.  You aim the nozzle into the ear canal, and shoot.  While the water is running, it also has a vacuum pulling the dirt out.  So if you have this machine hooked up to your faucet at home (if the furrle or faucet connection nut is sized right) and running, the dirt it sucks out of your ear goes thru the same hose but on a different tube and it gets deposited into the drain.  Some say that home ear irrigation is good since it is preventive maintenace on the human ear.  But some say that the same stream of water can also damage the ear drum.  When I was little, my mother would sometimes do ear irrigation with the old shower hose that she had hooked up the faucet when she was washing my hair.  Of course when I was little, after my experience with ear aches, I would put up a battle with my mother when it came to washing my hair.  I would turn my head to prevent the water from entering my ear.  But now I am brave as can be to let my ears get wet.

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Best to let a ENT clean out excessive wax. Flushing the ear can damage the eardrum if not done right or it can lead to fungal infection in the ear canal, similar to swimmers ear.

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I use hydrogen peroxide with a small, rubber, bulb pump. No problem with too much pressure. You can buy these at any drug store.


CVS Health Ear Syringe And Nasal Aspirator

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