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Kidney Stone Rhyming

Four kidney stones in two years, 

so I'm asking docs and peers.


Hydrate is what is touted,

so water? no people flouted.


Just drink lots of beers!*


This is solely for entertainment*  If you do have kidney stones, please consult your doctor. Staying well hydrated with water is important for everyone, especially those who are stone formers. ---  Christine

Bronze Conversationalist

I won't forget the pain that I had,

I never felt a pain so bad,


Had to go for some care,

Where morphine was there, 


Pretty soon I was feeling glad!





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@postman29  Sorry to hear you had stones too.  I bet you never thought it would be material for a limerick!  We are gather enough poems to publish a book.  "AARPs How To Craft A Limerick: You can too"  😄 ---  Christine

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Christine, sorry to hear you had 4! Ouch! I've been lucky so far. One was enough for me. I gained even more respect for women who go through labor after doc told me a kidney stone is almost as bad. Yikes! We men are so spoiled! On a serious note I wish you and your husband a very happy 1st Anniversary (saw that in one of your posts yesterday). Many more happy years ahead.   Steve

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@postman29 Having birthed two babies and had kidney stones.  Stones more painful, especially for guys and their hhhmmm plumbing. 😄 So now when women are telling their "labor" stories, you can say, feel your pain! 


Thank you for your anniversary wishes.  ---  Christine 

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I walked into my Doctors office with a sack   told him I had a massive pain in my back. He opened the bag and laughed then he gagged  it was filled with years of gold bricks

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@GaryT58030  Thank you for limerick!  It's important to follow the AA  BB  A   rhyming scheme when doing a traditional limerick.  I'm going to use yours for some inspiration and a framework:


At dentist office with a sack,

said I have a pain in my back.


He opened the bag,

and started to gag.


Was filled with dental plaque!


You've got the writing skills Gary.  Look forward to another Limerick.  ---  Christine

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