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How do you get health care when you need it?

In the last year, I've noticed that I'm unable to get a doctor's appointment, or sometimes even an appointment at a clinic, when I'm sick. The wait time is often up to a week. For example, this year at Christmas I contracted some kind of infection that resulted in an ear infection and bronchitis. I tried to reach my normal provider, but there were no appointments available for at least a week, not even virtual ones. Similarly, I couldn't get an appointment at a walk-up clinic. I medicated myself but had many sleepless nights. By the time I am able to get an appointment, I probably won't need it, luckily for me.


Earlier this year I had a recurrent rash. By the time I was able to get an appointment with my dermatologist, the rash had mostly cleared up and she was unable to diagnose the problem. She recommended that I make an appointment when the rash flares up, but that's impossible because there are no immediate appointments. Therefore, I continue to have sporadic rashes.


I realize that, if my condition becomes life-threatening, I can go to the emergency room, but I'd prefer to get treatment before that happens. What's the solution? 

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Where you live and who provides your insurance can make a difference.


I live in Central Texas, and I have Baylor Scott & White Senior Care Advantage. I see my doctor, dentist, dermatologist etc. at least two times a year and have an annual eye exam. Thanks to technology I can have online doctor visits too.


There are many emergency clinics in this area.


If you own a cell phone or other camera? Take a picture of the rash when it's bad and provide it to your doctor.

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(12/28/22) Hi @BrentJ824520 , hope you are well and so sorry for your experience. Unfortunately we are losing our Medical Folks as a lot of them do not want to deal with COVID, high rental/mortgage prices for their location, lack of staff and some, not all, insurance NOT wanting to pay them a "decent" amount or at all. All I can say is try to stay well. Me, at age 64, still social distancing and wearing my mask when it is MANDATORY I go out. Thanks for sharing with us and we are ALWAYS here for you. Take care, Nicole 🙂

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