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Does Anyone Else Have Hyperalgesia?


Hyperalgesia is the principal symptom of opioid withdrawl but it can have other causes.  Imagine being in a permanent state of opioid withdrawl.


Twelve years ago, coincident with developing undiagnosed diabetes, I developed neuropathic hyperalgesia that fluctuates randomly but is negatively correlated to blood pressure, i.e., the higher my blood pressure, the less the pain.  Remarkably, feeling good is a sign of bad health. My hyperalgesia interacts with other chronic pain conditions, mostly pain in my muscles when they contract.  The stronger the muscle contraction, the greater the pain.  There is no muscle injury causing this pain therefore exercising does not aggravate any injury.  Exercising just hurts.

Hyperalgesia also amplifies other physical discomforts besides pain, e.g., itching, urge to urinate, defecate, cough, etc..  It is even possible to feel too hot and too cold, all over, at the same time.


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Sounds really painful- it is based on faulty nerve ending, right? They have been injured in some way - physically or chemically?

Can the medical experts treat the muscle contractures to do some alleviation of this pain?  Once I knew someone that had a very bad case of shingles and seemed to have developed this in just a specific area.  Your hyperalgesia sounds more wide-spread - is OIH more systemic in nature than what might occur from some other potential cause?




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You misunderstood.  I said "contraction" not "contracture."  I was talking about voluntary muscle contractions such as those arising from movement or exercise. The muscle pain is probably better correlated with muscle stress and I will say that from now on.  For example, if I lift a weight, the greater the weight, the greater the pain.  Maximum pain occurs when I try as hard as I can but can't lift it. In the last case, there isn't much contraction involved, therefore I will say "muscle stress" in the future.  Even lifting a gallon of milk causes slight pain.  This makes me, in effect, physically lazy.


But, that is a separate medical condition from hyperalgesia.  Hyperalgesia just amplifies all physical discomforts.  I also have other chronic pain conditions, e.g., arthritis in my hands, and a 25 year old untreated rotator cuff injury, but they are barely worth mentioning.


I assume that both medical conditions were caused by high blood sugar during untreated diabetes before it was diagnosed because it is coincident with that time.  Many diabetics get numbness and shooting pains in their feet.  I don't have that.

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