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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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i lost my hearing in my left ear jan 2011 due to meniere's disease along with several other symptoms of the disease.  it is now july 2015 and my hearing STILL hasn't come back.  all i hear out of is the constant 24/7/365 ringing/hissing.  VA hosp dr says not even a hearing aid will help it.

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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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I can hear very well when it is they say.....I can hear a pin drop.  But when there is outside noises it is becoming very difficult for me to pick out the words I want to hear.  For example, when we are in a restaurant and people around us are having their conversations and we bow our heads to pray I have to incline my head to my husband's words so I can begin to understand them and say Amen at an appropriate time.  I don't like it but until I can't hear.  I hate to spend money on aids.

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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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My hearing loss is mostly due to loud noises. Power equipment such as chainsaws, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and fire arms, as well as heavy truck traffic years ago.


I have experienced tinnitus for many years due to the loud noises. When I was younger it was only for a day or two after exposure, and but now it's constant ringing.


I had never heard that diabetes could affect hearing until today while reading an AARP article.


I was told by my audiologist that my problem was trouble understanding words beginning and ending with consonants. I can hear whispering but do not understand what is said.


I now wear hearing protection any time I'm around loud noise.


BTW my wife refuses to speak a little louder or look at me, as we converse. ;-}  I don't read lips, so I don't understand why it helps me to understand the conversation. I don't seem to have that problem except with specific people.


Take care, t

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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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For me it is increasing difficulty in understanding dialogue person to person, on telephone, tv, radio,

etc. Words cannot be identified or are completely misunderstood. Can be comical at times, but

mostly frustrating and aggravating for me and others if others are involved. Does have benefit

however with spouse, allowing for reasonable "selective hearing".

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Re: Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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My indication came from working as a hospital chaplain and working with many women RN's and physicians. I began having problems understanding the women but was OK with the men. I also have minor tinnitus that probably adds to the hearing loss. With good hearing aids I am pretty good but need a recheck because it is getting more difficult for certain words or numbers. For example the words fifth and sixth are difficult to disinguish especially in women. Thier pitch and tone are very difficult for me to distinguish variations. No, I'm not using "selective listening"! It is quite frustrating for my wife and myself.

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Do you know the signs of hearing loss?

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Telephone, conversations with more than one person, television volume up too loud?  These are just a few  - are there others we missed?  Post them here.

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