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DES Info: The National Cancer Institute, the CDC & DES (Diethystilbestrol

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DES Info: The National Cancer Institute, the CDC & DES (Diethystilbestrol

DES Info: The National Cancer Institute and the CDC - DES
For public health agencies such as NCI and the CDC, the clearly linked effects are their concern and interest. In fact, it's, i.e. a screening exam. This has been a big battle for the DES exposed.
DES Info believes that everyone has a right to know everything about their health and that the knowing of it is therapeutic. DES Info is committed to bring you information on the many aspects of The DES Tragedy and information to help you in your health care needs.
Slide10.JPGFor clinicians, either they have not heard about it or they think this tragedy is long past…. It is NOT!
Clearly linked health effects as stated as such: As a DES daughter, you have a risk for a rare cancer and need a special screening exam along with breast and other reproductive cancers.
DES Sons have a higher risk of genital abnormalities, including undescended testicles, Testicular cancer and under-developed testicles. DES Sons need share their DES exposure with their doctors and practice self-exams.
Additionally, as DES Sons age, we feel that as they begin having prostate issues, the must again to tell their doctor.
DES Grandchildren must tell their doctors of their family history of DES Exposure
Health care issues are handled differently. We are concerned about possible effects on the third generation, the grandchildren of DES Mothers. Research has shown hypospadius and ovarian cancer in the third generation.
Animal research and anecdotal reports suggest there has been such an effect on humans, but research must be continued.
Our voices need to be heard…The DES exposed are still awaiting an apology for this medical disaster!
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