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Celebrating DES Info's 9th Anniversary

Slide10.JPGDES Info: Celebrating DES Info's 9th Anniversary!
Thank you for being part of this journey.
Our mission is to provide ongoing information on health, DES health related conditions and support of the DES exposed.
People around the world are following the DES Tragedy: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, India, Germany, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Belgium, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Romania, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Bangladesh, Sweden, Kenya, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Yemen, Haiti, Brazil, Senegal, Ecuador, Oman, Israel, South Korea, Argentina, Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey, Nepal, Bulgaria, Isle of Man, Austria
Our DES Advocates are committed to keeping the DES story alive, providing ongoing information and support! There is no membership fee and all of our advocates are pure volunteers. We believe that we are stronger together!
Thank you for following us and share this site and DES Tragedy with your friends!
We can be reached at
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