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Back / Spine Popping - Snapping


Back / Spine Popping - Snapping

For over a year now I have been severaly bothered by the center part of my middle back suddendly without warning to just start snapping or popping.  It sounds like the loudest big clap that can be made from two large hands slapping someone as hard as possible.  It normally happens to me three times in what I call a popping session.  1st time when it happens my legs will go totally dead ending up with no feeling in either leg at all.  2nd time or pop leaves both my legs feeling like they are on fire.  3rd pop acts like it serves to releave what the other two pops caused resulting in my legs stop feeling like they are on fire and all returns to normal again.  There seems to be no set time limit to whenever each pop happens and some time's pops 2 and 3 take up to several days to finally happen.  I have had 4 different highly skilled neuroligists check this out along with MRI's CT and X-Rays many times all trying to find out what is causing this awful condition but resulting in showing nothing wrong each time.  The few times it has happened where a Dr. or PA was able to be present to actually see and get to hear this happen to me they have been severally startled by it saying they have never heard nor seen anything like my condition before.  I am already in a wheelchair these past 6 years due to having had 5 TIA's.  No one has been able to even come close to even labeling this condition let alone dignosing whatever this is.  Bout to drive me crazy ...  Anyone else ever heard of anything like this happening to anyone else?

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Oh my Alice so sorry about your troubles and TIA's 

I saw this title thought it'd be about how folks pop their backs 

I've never heard of anyone dealing with what you are. I so hope you find some answers and relief soon.

Take care God bless you  : ) 

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Hasn't the Neurologist done a pain mapping ? Epidural via the foramen in your discs ? Very sorry about your TIAs as well.
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