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1971 New England Journal of Medicine ~ DES Article.

DES Info: 1971 New England Journal of Medicine ~ DES Article.
When the article on DES hit the New England Journal of Medicine on April 22, 1971, of course there was a lot of excitement; there was a lot of worry.
Immediately, gynecologists who remembered using DES, and mothers who remembered taking it were very frightened and very upset.
The phone calls started: “What’s going on? Does my daughter have cancer, do I have cancer” And the one that was really worrisome and caused the greatest concern, was “What are my chances of getting cancer?” Nobody really knew.
We did not know if these were seven isolated cases and there weren’t going to be any more…. Of if there were going to be seven million cases. We didn’t even know how many pregnancies were associated with DES.
Today we know that over 10 million Americans were exposed (not including DES Grandchildren) as well as millions around the world…. 
The DES Tragedy story is not over and now we need to look more at the third generation and their DES health concerns….
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