iPhone Book for Seniors

Just a caution here:

AARP has been promoting the book, My iPhone for Seniors.   


When I bought my iPhone some years ago, I also bought a book for users.  It wasn't simple enough, so I abandoned it and tried to figure the thing out on my own.


Last month I followed up on AARP's recommendation, thinking that this book would help me.

I paid $19.25, after the AARP discount and got the same book I already had, but with the phrase "for Seniors" added to the title and in slightly larger print, making it heavier while my wallet was lighter.


I think AARP should tell customers exactly how this book was especially published for seniors.


I have recently bought an iPhone to stay connected to my family and have been struggling with it myself. My son downloaded an interesting app on my phone a few weeks ago that has been a god send. It is called App Easy. It provides you with an on-demand coach in your pocket for any questions you have when using your iPhone. With just the click of one-button, you can be connected to a real person over video call and they can answer any questions you have in any app. You can even share your screen with them so the technician can see exactly what you see and guide you through your issues in real-time.


I have found the experience to be great for ad-hoc questions and even more in depth tutoring - furthermore, it seems to be very safe and reliable, the company stresses that privacy and security is its top priority.


You can find the link to download the iOS app here:


Hope this helps!



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I am also interested in any books that have been published

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I’ve become a senior but, find the iPhone almost intuitive to use.


Although I’ve had to tweak some settings for use by me. 


My mind still works easier in Windows, than iOS.


You could always just skim through the *.pdf manual for how to use your particular model of iPhone and version of iOS.


With a side of this article-


Accessibility settings made my life much easier, in dealing with iPhone ‘s.


Versus slamming it across the room as I learned to type with pudgy fingers and many cuss words, on a virtual keyboard🤣.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@daiuyted   I buy almost all my books from Barnes and Noble, have you checked to see if they might have a more up to date book on the iPhone you own? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and bought a book about it from B&N. I am a member of B&N so I get a discount. 


I just looked at B&N and they have a second, third and forth edition of My iPhone for Seniors. Be sure to check each edition to see which iPhones it covers. They also have other books on the iPhone.

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