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I think it's great that  AARP  makes these "films for grownups" available for streaming. How about devoting a paragraph or two to how we can take advantage of these offers? I can get it on my laptop but it's such a small screen. what about getting it displayed on our regular TV?  Is there a AARP app we have to download to our FireStick?

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Here is a link to an older topic about this. See my post and be sure to click on Show More.

Solved: Can you stream AARP events on TV? - AARP Online Community


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Yes you can watch AARP Movies For Grownups on your TV with your Roku, Firestick or other devices:


First click here --->  Back to All Movies for Grownups Screenings | AARP Movies for Grownups Screenings


On new page/ tab - sign in at top right -->  Login


Click on ---> Frequently Asked Questions -- you will see instructions for Roku and other devices and other information. They will send you a six digit code to install the ' Roku or Firestick - Eventive app/ channel ' in real time to your Roku or Firestick 'connected TV' - you are in!


If you register to see a movie - AARP/ Eventive will send you an email acknowledging/ confirming your registration.

On the day of event they will send you an email/ reminder. Follow instructions. They may ask you to do a ' Device Compatibility Test ' and/ or a ' Six Digit Code '   from an email / PC to your Roku or Firestick connected TV - do it


In addition there is AARP Theater Shows


 Click here ----> Back to All AARP Theater Shows | AARP Theater


😎   Personal Note: I got interested in AARP Movies for Grownups after having seen the 'Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark' on my TV thru my Roku - in full HD quality a while back. Recently there was 'Back to the Future' , 'Pretty Woman.'  Read the FAQS and fine print and all should work out for you. It can be done.


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