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behind times......?

Ok, so I'm 'not with it'. Still use Windows 8. Why ? Everything I read about Windows 10 says it's nothing but problems. Guess I'll have to update sometime, but I might just hang in till forced to change-which I expect to happen any time. I've had 8 for a long time & like it-so there !

Opinions, please ? How do you cope with Windows 10 problems ?

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I’ve had no problems personally with either my Win7 upgrade to 10 or my new whiz bang Win 10 Pro.


The only issues I ever had was a bug in the CPU on Intel machines or motherboards.


Update from Intel for CPU solved and then upgraded for free to 10, back when it was originally offered by Microsoft.

Also backed up from both computer manufacturer all drivers, just in case for oopsies.


They never happened, it ran after upgrade and still is, for what 5 years. End of support should end in 5 more years for most Windows10 users.


Sure there are small changes in the way it works but, it works and does what I use it for.


My Win10 pro I9 is also still running smoothly, no problems.

But, that relegated to work only.


My Lenovo I5 cpu is playtime with 6 Gb ram , 64-bit OS And 1 Tb HDD. Yes, I do backup just in case, things hit the fan, and clean all cooling fans/ chip coolers yearly.


Drag your heels if you must but, I honestly haven’t had a problem, have expected more problems than I received.


Oh, I did have a problem with drivers for an HP printer, that I used to have on my XP desktop.


Bought a new printer , HP updated driver last year? If your printer had drivers for Window7, you shouldn’t have a problem. And some webcams stopped working if really old XP old.

Windows 8 and 8.1 have been removed from support and put back into support so, many times my head spins. Legally haven’t installed on anything new lately.

And May finally cease to exist in 2023 for extended and service patches - that’s a roll of the dice courtesy of the Pandemic.


But, courtesy of the pandemic, M$ still may allow the free upgrade, as of March?? If everything were backed up like your data, drivers,programs etc.


You might be able to , only gotcha some 32-bit programs may disappear. And even if they don’t M$ is withdrawing support for 32-bit programs this or next year.


If M$ does it , you might not be able to buy or use downloaded software.And media player has been withdrawn ? Don’t use it, so ask @aruzinsky  or @cat0w  perhaps.


Results May vary, desktop or laptop clean power supplies and fans, 6 Gb ram seems magical, although 4 Gb seems to have no issues for 64-bit upgrades. Less that that for ram you may have problems, and slow CPU’s the same , may put you in 32-bit OS.

Everything depends upon too many factors, like version, build number, programs being run, paid or freeware, shareware, etc.


No answer covers everyone easily.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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