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What's your work from home setup?

For those working from home - how do you have your workspace set up? I'd love to see a photo! I created an office space in an additional bedroom with a rolling cart that I already had. It's big enough to fit an extra monitor and laptop, and I can lift it up and down like a standing desk! One day I'll invest in an actual desk Smiley Very Happy


Here are some great tips on making your work from home setup more functional:






Honored Social Butterfly

I also converted a spare bedroom into my home office. I always bring work home, but I used to just work on it at the kitchen table.  That wasn't going to work for this new teleworking gig -- and who knows how long it might last? 


I need two screens, too, but I just use my ipad as one of them.    If teleworking goes on for months, I will probably invest in an additional monitor.   That looks very handy!





















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