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If you could make an app, what would you make it for?

There have been numerous times when I've been talking with friends and we've had a moment where we've collectively said, "there should be an app for that!" Have you had moments like that? If you could make an app, what would it do?


Before Spotify came along, I imagined an app that served music like one of those paper fortune teller things that everyone made in elementary school (I hope you know what I'm talking about). You'd click a button to shuffle the fortune teller, and then select a flap based on your mood. That would then supply you with a playlist. Too bad I don't have coding skills or know anyone that does 🤑


What would you make an app for?

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An app for instant memory cure

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An app for a barber/ hairdresser to schedule an appointment, pick hairstyle, make contactless payment... almost similar as kinda UberHair

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I would make an app that would scan my groceries in my cart and tell me when I have reached my limit before I got to the counter to pay.


i like to play i will make a app to get Paid games for free. everyone who make apps will 😛 . i think already it happened 

Any thoughts ? Regard Karla


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How about an app to remote control the lawn mower.

I would make an app that would control my whole house with voice command. I know that it is already available, but I want to make it my own way and would give more options like turning on my drawer and even my main gate should get locked with my voice. It should take lots of time and gadgets to make this but I really think the effort is worth giving.

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