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Harnessing the power of technology to change the way we age.

Personal technology skills are essential to live your best life during the digital age. Senior Planet and its parent organization, Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), have been working with AARP on projects for a decade or more. OATS from AARP helps older adults learn to use and leverage technology to transform their lives and their communities. AARP will support OATS in expanding its offerings and making them known to a wider audience through AARP’s new Virtual Community Center


As one of AARP’s charitable affiliates, OATS delivers award-winning training programs that are designed to help older adults understand and effectively use technology to achieve targeted outcomes in their social connectedness, health, civic engagement, financial security and creative expression.


Learn online!

AARP has two places where you can sign up for free online classes and workshops:


From fitness classes to virtual museum tours, there's bound to be an online activity for you to enjoy and connect with others. Check out the offerings today, and let us know your thoughts!

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Hi @AARPRachelA I clicked on your link for OATS from AARP and seeing only Fitness classes. Clicked on your link for Senior Planet's upcoming events, dies not work. Now this could be on my end. Anyway, I have been posting about Windows 10. Any suggestions? Anyone from AARP an expert. Lol, hard to figure out what is going on with computer questions forum 😞 Thanks 🙂

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Community Manager

Hmm...the links are working for me @Anonymous. I see your Windows 10 topic - will reply in there.

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