For cord cutters, I think this device is neat

My cable and internet provider is "C" company and also known as "X". I signed up with them about 2 years ago with a "promotional" contract for 2 years. Within these 2 years, the fee went from $96 to $120. I was told the multiple increases were allowed under the fine prints. When I found out upon renewal, the fee will be $150+ with the same service. That finally forced me to cut the cord for cable service. My house for some reason is an over the air signal dead zone for cell and TV signal. So I found this budget outdoor TV antenna and installed it 20 feet above ground on top of my garage. I was amazed this little thing was able to pull in 45 channels. The next problem to solve was how to distribute the OTA signal to my 3 TV's. I really don't want to string coax cables all over the house to make the connection.  With some Googling, I found this device "Silicondust HDHomerun". It is basically a little box consists of multiple tuners. You connect the antenna, ethernet cable to the router, power source to this little box. The router will send TV signal by wifi or ethernet cable to a media box at your TV. The media box with the "HDHomerun" app will control which channel you want to tune in. The media box can be a Roku, Firestick, Android box etc. Your hand held device like cell phone, iPad, Android tablet can also receive the TV signal with the proper app installed. With this device, you can watch OTA TV just like any other subscribed service such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, on your TV and other handheld devices. Silicandust also has other models with more tuners, DVR functions (with subscription). If you have good indoor signal, you can use the HDHomerun with indoor antenna.

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@sc10    Sounds great, but how much did you spend to get all this? I just looked at the HDHomerun box and saw it cost $99. Can you get all those 45 Channels for free? What was the cost of other additional equipment? Are you subscribed to any of the other services you mentioned and if you are what is that cost?


I'm not knocking it, sounds like something my daughter could use. She has an indoor antenna and gets about six channels with that but she also has Google Fiber where she lives and is subscribed to Hulu and I have the family plan on my Netflix so she can watch that. I pay the extra fee so she is able to use the Netflix. She also has Amazon Prime and can watch their programming.

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I  paid $69 plus tax and got a refurbished HDHomerun Duo from Amazon. It works perfectly and the little box looks brand new. I got 45 channels OTA, all free. That includes the major network, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS in hd. Plus some other movies channels and junks like shopping networks. I can block out the junks with the app. The antenna was like $35, additional coax to bring it into the house. Media box I have all kinds that I don't need to buy. I don't need DVR service. So that is all I had to spend. I already have Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Netflix and now the local broadcast channels, I have more than I ever have time to watch.

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Cut the cord 4 years ago. Use my Roku and antenna. Just have to pay attention to what I rent or buy it adds up. Free trials are great just remember to unsubscribe before the trial ends. 

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Good info sc10, THANKS!  👍


I LOVE my Roku, simple to connect to television and voila!  No antenna necessary.  All you need is internet but most of us have that, these days.  


Cable is so crazy expensive now!  Any way to cut that ol' cable cord and their outrageous cost is awesome.  👍

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Yes, Roku is good. A budget one set you back $20 on sale. It is hard to get local news just from internet and that is why I went for the antenna.

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Yeah sc10, I forgot to mention that when I had my own apartment I had Roku and an in door antenna that worked excellent to get local news excetera. I had all for just one time cost of under $100 with no other fees. I'm living with my daughter right now and they have cable so that doesn't apply.

Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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