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FYI, Easiest Way to Rename Many Files

Use the console rename command inside a BAT (*.bat) file that is put in the same directory as the files whose names you want changed and then open that BAT file.


For example, I used a BAT file with this text written with notepad:



rename "0_frame_00*.png" "//////////*.png"




"0_frame_0001.png" becomes "01.png"

"0_frame_0002.png" becomes "02.png"



More generally, the advantages to using a BAT file over entering commands on the console (command prompt) are:


1. You don't have to navigate to or specify a directory (except in Notepad's Save File).

2. You can more easily edit mistakes because you don't have to retype the part that is correct.

3. The BAT file is a self documenting template for future work therefore you don't have to remember the console commands in detail.  Often the BAT file is reusable without modification.


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