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Constant login required

I am constantly getting the login screen which is extremely frustrating! If I want to play a game, read an article or if I click on the contents in the emailed newsletter I will more than likely be asked to log in even though I never log out. This is ridiculous - especially just to play a game! I have also had the login screen come up when I have changed pages or topics while already on the website. I have a new computer so it shouldn't be a question of clearing my cache or some solution like that. Is AARP's site not up to speed with the newer technology? What's going on with the website and how do I fix it?


I think this is because you don't allow cookies to be saved.  Cookies as they are called are bits of information left on your computer by a site you visited.  They save information about you, such as prior visits, login credentials, etc.  It is searched for by sites when you go to them.  Your browser usually is involved and I would start there to see if there is a setting that allows cookies from sites.


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Thank you for your possible solution but this is not the issue either. I've checked the cookie settings and that all seems fine. Another suggestion I had was that there's a problem with the DSN or AARP's registry but I'm not computer savvy enough to follow up on that. It would be nice if AARP would have responded to my request for help. I would imagine they must have a technology department. 🙄

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