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I am helping a 93 year old woman who loves to email family and friends.  She has a yahoo account.  Her old computer stopped working so we got her a new laptop.  Unfortunately she had "remembered" her password on the old computer so she can't remember it.  Yahoo wants to text her to reset the password but she doesn't have a cell phone.  If we could change the cell phone number to mine, that would work, but we have to be in the email account to do so.

This must be a common problem with elderly people.  Any ideas how to help her?

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Can you set her up with a new Yahoo account on her new computer? 

That way the new password can be saved.

Once into the new account, she can email her contact list and give out her new email address.

If that's not possible, for $4.99 you can get live tech support from Yahoo. You have 30 days to use the service for free. Once problem is straightened out, don't forget to cancel the service!

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Hi MaryM

Try this link to Yahoo's support page.
Reset or change your Yahoo password | Account Help - SLN27051


Some Yahoo support phone numbers that might help:




You will probably need to have the account owner available to confirm her account information on the phone.

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