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AARP "Partners"?

Since posting on here within the last month, my E-Mail I had shared with AARP is getting besieged with mail from the following:


School of Word Play 

Funny Editions

Command Cooking

GAT Daily (this is probably not from AARP)

(& Today) Auto Shield

Edit Add: Easier Eats


Wondered if any of these were AARP "Partners"?  It's hard to have to go in to clean out my inbox daily, some of these I'm able to block the address, & some add a random 2 character suffix that I cannot, I can just report it as junk. I limit my sharing of addresses to keep my inbox clean & I can find things I need.  Becoming like playing Wack-a-Mole. 


I even had to unsubscribe from AARP e-mails as there were becoming more & more frequent.  Am I missing something in "Terms of Service? 



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Spent many years in IT @Tempest332 .  Paradoxically more than half of hacking is Social Engineering not Techie coding, hardware and wonder tricks.  That means the exchange of specific info. that seems relevent to mitigating their efforts can also play into their hands.  In general, confirm your experience, but there has also been an up-tick on other email addresses.

One thing Email and Snail Mail have in common is that if you're not expecting it and/or you dont recognize the return addrress, you can probably throw it away without opening it. Hopefully this article will bolster your resolve to remain vigilant...besides FBI gave it a pretty good name.

Operation Cookie Monster 

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What I'm receiving recently (& all suddenly) appears to be harmless (Recipes, Jokes, & Games), not your common "confirm your Amazon" purchase (I don't buy online anymore, but get these occasionally)  though all have internal links I'm NOT clicking on, along with advertising.  I still shred anything with my name on (Junk Snail Mail).  Why I asked of there was a common link to something in Terms of Service, related to ARRP.


Junk calls to my mobile run probably over 95% to legit ones too but that's another topic altogether. 


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Well @Tempest332  If you watch South Park, reference the episode about the Human CentIPad. Kyle signs a User Agreement and is subjected to disgusting consequences that parody the cult horror movie Human Centipede.

(Maybe this reference comes from personal experience or maybe it comes from research)
In response to your question, it seems this is an example of the consequences of a culture trying to accept Plausible Deniability as a standard of truth rippling through society. Paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 don't explicitly give anybody the right to overtly profit from the deliberate exchange of your information, but they manufacture an enormous 'Gray Area'. A smoke cloud, if you will, in which transactions may or may not take place. Those three paragraphs, individually and combined, simply say 'We'll do what we can to secure the web site and access, but we accept no responsibility or liability for any failure on our own part'. It's the kind of thing lawyers and politicians make into careers when they perceive that there's enough to gain.

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LOL @ South Park!  I never had cable, but my ex GF's son used to tape them for me when they first came on, been borrowing the DVD's from the library ever since.. Eric Cartman I presume?    Also familiar with the Centipede Trilogy, I am a fan of the Cult & Grindhouse.  


I pretty much watch what I click, & actually don't partake in surveys, the recipe's look good, but you must click to get the recipe (& that's a no-no). Most will abandon an E-Mail address when this becomes an issue, though I have yet to abandon an address, this comes in waves.  The prior owner of my mobile number was on junk text lists, & my half prepay was successfully drained within a few hours, thus I have text disabled on my mobile as well.  I had to keep the # at the time as it was local to me & my parents landlines.  We have a very limited local calling area area here, shame on the phone company, & on the technology for not advancing on a land line.     

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lol @ Cartman.  Helical incline plane wrapped around a shaft you guys I'm going home.

Sign of changing times...the younger people get the more they equate a Landline with VOIP.

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Yesterday, I purchased a black handset replacement cord for my kitchen wall phone @ a big box store, had a conversation with the cashier about this purchase that she wondered if anyone actually still used these.  

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