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We are looking for your stories!

AARP is gathering stories from our caregivers and would love to contact some of you to find out more.  We are looking for any of you who fall into any of these categories.  If you are interested send an email to with your contact information and brief description of which of these categories define you.


Are you a caregiver who:


Is a sandwich generation caregiver?


A family where the loved one is completely dependent on care perhaps because of mobility problems or dementia?


A family that used paid care and struggled with high turnover (such as multiple paid caregivers who left within a year)?


A family that was caught financially unprepared for the caregiving situation AND/OR:


A family caregiver who had to dip into personal savings or retirement to pay for the loved one’s care.


Someone who can discuss the ripple effects the caregiving situation had on other relationships (on their marriage, with siblings, friends)


Someone who lives in a rural area and has serious driving frustrations re: chauffeuring their loved one around.


The family caregiver made the decision of whom to hire without letting the loved one interview/meet the paid caregiver ahead of time (and came to regret this approach).


Again, if you are a caregiver with a story about any of the above items, send an email to for a possible interview.

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