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Senior Care Job Infrastructure - Feasibility ? What's Your Take? What's Your Plan?

Within the proposed Infrastructure (and Jobs) legislation currently only in development, there is a proposal to include $400 BILLION (over 8-years) for help in increasing long term care availability for seniors and the disabled.  The proposal is for both institutional care and home based care - keeping people who need daily help in their homes rather than being institutionalized.


KHN 04/12/2021 - Biden Seeks $400 Billion to Buttress Long-Term Care. A Look at What’s at Stake. 


Currently, most, maybe all, states have programs called Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) which try to fit into this home-care model.  This related infrastructure proposal is not so much about the actual care as it is about having the job force available to provide the care.  Thus, I consider this as "job infrastructure".


I think HBCS is a great program but it definitely does not solve all the problems.  I am gonna quote a couple of statements in the article so hopefully if will start some discussion here on what could potentially be in our own personal future - depending upon your own personal preparedness.  But even with a good plan and finances in place already - there is always the cost and the availability of adequately prepared people to supply the services - parttime / fulltime or even 24/7.  In that regard, no matter our individual plan, we will be competing with the government (federal and/or state) program for these valuable service providers.


from the link:

There’s widespread agreement that it’s important to help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent as long as possible. But are we prepared to do what’s necessary, as a nation, to make this possible?


“There’s a much greater understanding now that it is not a good thing to be stuck in long-term care institutions” and that community-based care is an “essential alternative, which the vast majority of people would prefer,” said Ari Ne’eman, senior research associate at Harvard Law School’s Project on Disability.


Even advocates acknowledge the proposal doesn’t address the full extent of care needed by the nation’s rapidly growing older population. In particular, middle-income seniors won’t qualify directly for programs that would be expanded. They would, however, benefit from a larger, better paid, better trained workforce of aides that help people in their homes — one of the plan’s objectives.


MORE at the link ~


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