Restating a Living Trust

I created a Living Trust in 2012 as

"Named Revocable Living Trust"

then in 2018 it was restated as

"First Amendment and Restatement of Named Revocable Living Trust Dated March 12, 2012"

... and now I want to update the trust again using the affordable Suze Orman Will & Trust website.


The name I have in the accounts is "Named Revocable Living Trust"


My dilemma is should just create a new one or do another restatement? Yes - I know that all accounts & deeds will have to be updated but this naming can also be an issue if it's not done right.


Would appreciate some advice - a couple of "lawyers" tell me it must be done by a lawyer but I firmly believe that spending $900+ is not part of my plan.


Thanks in advance


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