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My mother and dementia

My mother has lived with me since August 1998. My father and her moved in at the end of my fathers cancer journey. When he passed in Jan 1999, she stayed with me as she has never lived alone. My mother has recently been diagnosed with dementia. I am an RN and a stay at home caregiver to her. I am the only one as I have no family that lives near me. My partner and I bought a home in Ohio and the rest of my family is in either Florida or Connecticut so I am truly alone. With Covid, it’s been a real struggle lately. She can’t be left alone and I haven’t been out of the house except to go to the grocery store for at least a year now. I know I’m depressed, anxious, withdrawn and tired but I wouldn’t trade in this time with my mom for the world. She did this for me for 19 years, so of course I will be here for her. I’m trying now to get respite care, but her doctors aren’t being as proactive as I would like. Anyway, I just needed to vent as my poor partner is probably over it with me venting everyday. Thanks for listening and I’m glad I found this site.


Lori, I'm in the same situation.  My Mom had 2 strokes in 2020 and I've been off work since 23 Sep 2020.  We go to the Doctor's appts and to the grocery store.  Mom has incontinence as result of the 2nd stroke on Nov 2020.  Her speech is not good but is getting better.  I love Mom and would do anything for her but I'm tired of doing everything around the house without the ability to vent to someone.  I have other family in the middle of the country but they've had their share of problems on their own so don't have any sympathy for me and my situation.  My most frequent problem is having to wash all of mom's bedding every day and then to make the bed by bedtime.  I know it's a little thing but she tries to put everything in the wash at one time, including disposable diapers and disposable bed pads.  There is no way to wash everything at one time and the washer overflows and then soaks thru to my bathroom ceiling downstairs.   I keep  telling Mom that she can't put everything in the washer at the same time and she just doesn't remember from one day to the next.  Thanks for the opportunity to vent and share! 

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