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My name is Emma and I'm 63 yr old.  I want to share that every Sunday morning I go by and pick up one of the mother of the church that is 85 years old.   She stays with her daughter and I pick her up for Sunday services and Tuesday bible study.  We attend events for the women ministry.  We have breakfast on Saturday morning sometimes.  We have been a member of the same church for over 30 years.  She still can leads us in pray and songs.  She is an awesome women of God.  Love her very, very much and I am truly bless to have her in my life.

AARP Expert

My guess is that her daughter CAN drive her but this lovely person is giving the daughter a break and is enjoying the company of a wise woman who appreciates the kindness!  I wish every member of every church would consider doing this: find someone who is otherwise mostly home-bound, and go get her, or him, for church, and perhaps brunch after, or a Sunday drive. Make sure you, as the volunteer, know what's necessary: does the person need frequent bathroom breaks?  Is there a medication that's needed at noon?  And then, enjoy yourself and the company of this wise person. Who may also be cranky. And know that you are doing a good deed.


Way to go!



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That's nice but why can't her daughter drive her?

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